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Lafayette is in the heart of Acadiana, a sprawling region in southern Louisiana, where the sights, smells and sounds of everything Cajun and Creole reign. Here, residents know how to make the best out of any situation, and make a celebration out of nearly anything. After all, it’s where the world comes to Mardi Gras.

The driving force behind the Acadiana community is “Joie de Vivre,” French for “the joy of living.” Named “Tastiest Town in the South,” “Best Food Town in the USA” and “Happiest City in the U.S.,” Lafayette is a place where any instrument — including the accordion — has a place on stage and any ingredient goes into the pot when it’s time to eat. Lafayette is the birthplace of gumbo, crawfish boils and drive-through daiquiri shops.

KATC, an ABC affiliate, serves eight parishes in south-central Louisiana. The station is credited with giving the region, Acadiana, it’s name. According to station lore, KATC started using the term after someone mistakenly added an “a” to the end of “Acadian” in the station owner’s name, “Acadian Television Corporation.”

A Cordillera station since 1995, KATC is the dominant television and digital news source in the market. KATC has been named the Louisiana Association of Broadcasters station of the year multiple times and regularly takes home more Associated Press awards than any other station in Louisiana.

Community is at the heart of KATC’s operations, as the station sponsors dozens of charitable events each year. The largest is Home for the Holidays, where one KATC viewer wins a home worth an average of $450,000 each year. The initiative benefits local shelters, Habitat for Humanity and a local homeless shelter for veterans.


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1103 Eraste Landry Drive
Lafayette, Louisiana 70506